Brandon Wood

Podcast Co-Host & Producer

Brandon Wood (he/him) is a singer/songwriter, musician, and producer. He grew up in the Evangelical/Pentecostal system with a brief stint in United Methodism, and spent the majority of his life pursuing vocational ministry. He experienced years of spiritual trauma in a church environment with high control and manipulation tactics. In the midst of his own deconstruction, he started a podcast, Hey Mom Everything’s Alright, to help process and document his real-time journey. He quickly discovered that hearing other people’s faith journeys helped him heal and give language to his own journey. Brandon has a desire to talk about all things religion, faith, deconstruction and reconstruction, and cults. After leaving organized religion, Brandon is learning how to the make the most out of life while in the process of rebuilding. One way he is doing so is by giving voice to his life-long passion of creating music. During the pandemic, he opened his own recording studio (5PG Recording) and most days he can be found working on his clients’ recording projects or his own music. Along with being creative, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids (Anna, Penelope and Graham), watching documentaries, a cup of coffee with deep conversation, and playing sports (ice hockey and cycling).