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Podcast season 2 Episode 2: Brad Davis on Coalfield Justice and “The Holler Gospel”

Generations of oppression and exploitation have left the coalfields of central Appalachia among the most economically & socially depressed areas of the world. In this episode, Joe talks with coalfield justice advocate Brad Davis about how systemic dehumanization has affected the region and how his vision for a contextualized “Holler Gospel” can help restore individuals, families, and communities.

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Hope vs. Fear: How competing narratives are pulling us apart

I’ve been thinking a lot about the divisions in America right now. Certainly, there are a lot of ideological things over which we are divided. And while those can be more complex and nuanced than we often are willing to observe, we tend to fall within ideological camps…conservative or liberal, traditional or progressive, republican or democrat. But while we have

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