About Accidental Tomatoes

Once upon a time, a tomato plant grew in an abandoned herb garden in my front landscaping. A remnant from a 2-year-old planting, it emerged despite neglect, lack of feeding & watering, and any whit of intention.

The modern church has too often neglected, failed to feed, and denied intention to many people in our communities. Some we have lost due to antipathy to their experienced realities. Others due to downright hostility.

And yet despite our best efforts to exclude them, they persist in insisting that Jesus loves them, that they are worthy, that they deserve to be here.

If this describes you, welcome to Accidental Tomatoes.

This is your community.

Our content creators

Our content team brings diverse perspectives to our community. We aim to create and curate content that opens space for authentic conversations seeking to move us toward justice, inclusivity, and liberation.


  • No recruiting: The point of Accidental Tomatoes is not to try to convince you to give church another try. We seek to create new expressions of community centered on the way of Jesus.
  • Vibrant, intellectual dialogue: Science and faith should not be mutually exclusive. Nor is doubt antithetical to faith. Exercising our reason and authentically expressing questions are essential to a growing, vibrant encounter with the divine.
  • Experience matters: Propositional, transactional belief systems may inform our ethos but they can’t change the world. We seek to help people experience the divine presence not as an academic concept but as the deepest reality of being.

Let’s grow together.