Content Creators/Curators

We bring a diversity of voices, experiences, and perspectives to the content we create and curate for our community. Meet our A-Team:

Joe Webb

Founder, Podcast Host, Writer

Joe Webb (he/him) is the founder of Accidental Tomatoes and New Wineskins, a radically alternative post-denominational online community for spiritual exiles and people experiencing religious deconstruction. As a writer, interviewer, and public theologian, Joe seeks out the holy in the midst of the mundane. His relentless passion for justice is based in the revolutionary notion that God—whoever or whatever God is—is love; that love itself is the creative force of the cosmos; and that humanity is the reflection and embodiment of the divine. An ordained United Methodist Deacon, Joe’s work is centered in living life on the edge of the inside, seeking to reform and redeem the broken institutional systems that continue to colonize and oppress the imago dei inherent in us all. While doing that, you can often find him flyfishing on a West Virginia trout stream, hiking on a forest trail, biking the back roads and rail trails of Appalachia, cooking over a fire, sampling local craft brewed beers, or lounging in a hammock dreaming up the Next Big Thing.

Jenny Williams

Justice & Jubilee Correspondent

Jenny Williams (she/her), a native southern Californian, followed God’s call to go to seminary in North Carolina. There she met her now-spouse, and the college basketball wasn’t half-bad, either. She married into the state of West Virginia because Mountaineers always go home. Jenny is an ordained United Methodist pastor who believes the Church needs to reclaim her prophetic witness by speaking into issues of injustice and walking with people historically excluded by Empire. After pastoring local churches for 24 years, she now serves as the Faith Organizer for the ACLU of WV. Food Jenny likes: sushi, Cookout shakes, venison, ramps. Favorite forms of locomotion: kayaking, walking, hiking. Places Jenny would rather be: beaches, forests, bodies of water. Music which has more in common than you think it does: punk and bluegrass. Jenny and her spouse make their home in Preston County as empty nesters who co-habitate with their dog, Stella, and their cat, Mouse.

Heather Moore

Weird Church/Gamer/Nerdery Correspondent

Heather Moore (she/her) is a native Appalachian, millennial, nerd/gamer, and serial hobbyist. She is an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church whose work in ministry is a lot of thinking outside the institutional box, calling out injustices, and coming alongside people in the messy beauty and quagmire of life. She serves in ministry capacities as teacher, facilitator, leader, chaplain, and other duties as assigned. That’s super vague – I know, right? As a human being, she loves to stay up late, learn new things, pet and gaze upon the creatures of the earth (yes, I mean pet critters, like my dog Frank who is named like an old man), play games with her amazing husband and friends (ttrpgs, video games, mobile games, board games, all the games), bake and/or eat, travel (especially for conventions), and engage in witty banter. If you’re confused about how this all fits into a human being, I’m right there with you.

Brad Davis

#HollerGospel Correspondent

Rev. Brad Davis (he/him) is a provisional elder in the West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church currently serving as pastor of a 6-church charge in McDowell County, WV, and founder of  The New Society, a grassroots Central Appalachian kingdom movement. A native of one of the nation’s most economically and socially exploited regions, Brad’s passion is connecting its people to a holistic, therapeutic, liberating message of salvation he calls the Holler Gospel. In interpreting the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth through the lens of West Virginia’s southern coalfields, this contextualized take on God’s good news underscores that transforming grace has the power not only to liberate and heal individuals, but whole communities and the entire social order from the effects of structural and systemic sin that have ravaged the region’s people for over a century. You can learn more – or get involved in the New Society movement – by following Brad on Facebook, Twitter (@RevBradleyUMC), and Instagram (@bradleyg90).