Brad Davis

#HollerGospel Correspondent

Rev. Brad Davis (he/him) is a provisional elder in the West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church currently serving as pastor at Nighbert Memorial UMC of Logan, WV, and founder of  The New Society, a grassroots Central Appalachian kingdom movement. A native of one of the nation’s most economically and socially exploited regions, Brad’s passion is connecting its people to a holistic, therapeutic, liberating message of salvation he calls the Holler Gospel. In interpreting the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth through the lens of West Virginia’s southern coalfields, this contextualized take on God’s good news underscores that transforming grace has the power not only to liberate and heal individuals, but whole communities and the entire social order from the effects of structural and systemic sin that have ravaged the region’s people for over a century. You can learn more – or get involved in the New Society movement – by following Brad on Facebook, Twitter (@RevBradleyUMC), and Instagram (@bradleyg90).