Heather Moore

Weird Church/Gamer/Nerdery Correspondent

Heather Moore (she/her) is a native Appalachian, millennial, nerd/gamer, and serial hobbyist. She is an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church whose work in ministry is a lot of thinking outside the institutional box, calling out injustices, and coming alongside people in the messy beauty and quagmire of life. She serves in ministry capacities as teacher, facilitator, leader, chaplain, and other duties as assigned. That’s super vague – I know, right? As a human being, she loves to stay up late, learn new things, pet and gaze upon the creatures of the earth (yes, I mean pet critters, like my dog Frank who is named like an old man), play games with her amazing husband and friends (ttrpgs, video games, mobile games, board games, all the games), bake and/or eat, travel (especially for conventions), and engage in witty banter. If you’re confused about how this all fits into a human being, I’m right there with you.