Jenny Williams

Justice & Jubilee Correspondent

Jenny Williams (she/her), a native southern Californian, followed God’s call to go to seminary in North Carolina. There she met her now-spouse, and the college basketball wasn’t half-bad, either. She married into the state of West Virginia because Mountaineers always go home. Jenny is an ordained United Methodist pastor who believes the Church needs to reclaim her prophetic witness by speaking into issues of injustice and walking with people historically excluded by Empire. After pastoring local churches for 24 years, she now serves as the Faith Organizer for the ACLU of WV. Food Jenny likes: sushi, Cookout shakes, venison, ramps. Favorite forms of locomotion: kayaking, walking, hiking. Places Jenny would rather be: beaches, forests, bodies of water. Music which has more in common than you think it does: punk and bluegrass. Jenny and her spouse make their home in Preston County as empty nesters who co-habitate with their dog, Stella, and their cat, Mouse.