Joe Webb

Founder, Podcast Co-Host, Writer

Joe Webb (he/him) is the founder of Accidental Tomatoes and New Wineskins, a radically alternative post-denominational online community for spiritual exiles and people experiencing religious deconstruction. As a writer, interviewer, and public theologian, Joe seeks out the holy in the midst of the mundane. His relentless passion for justice is based in the revolutionary notion that God—whoever or whatever God is—is love; that love itself is the creative force of the cosmos; and that humanity is the reflection and embodiment of the divine. An ordained United Methodist Deacon, Joe’s work is centered in living life on the edge of the inside, seeking to reform and redeem the broken institutional systems that continue to colonize and oppress the imago dei inherent in us all. While doing that, you can often find him flyfishing on a West Virginia trout stream, hiking on a forest trail, biking the back roads and rail trails of Appalachia, cooking over a fire, sampling local craft brewed beers, or lounging in a hammock dreaming up the Next Big Thing.