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Season 2 Episode 16: Isaac Simmons on Drag Church

Our Pride Month celebration continues with a fascinating interview with Isaac Simmons, whose drag persona, Ms. Penny Cost, is bringing an unexpected encounter with the divine to LGBTQ folks and allies across the country. In this episode Isaac talks to Joe and Brandon about how the art form of drag can reclaim religious language within queer spaces and how he’s able to redirect negative criticism into life-giving experiences of grace.

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Season 2 Episode 15: Amy Jo Hutchinson and Sr. Quincy Howard: For the People

In this episode, Joe and Brandon talk to Amy Jo Hutchinson and Sr. Quincy Howard of Faithful Democracy about the For The People Act, a massive piece of voting rights and election reform legislation now before Congress, and why it’s important for communities and people of all kinds of faith expressions to know about and support it. You can sign on to a letter in support of the act to West Virginia’s Senators at this link.

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Season 2 Episode 14: Beer & Hymns with Rich and Alise Chaffins

Beer and Hymns may not exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly, but for people seeking spiritual community outside the confines of institutional religion, it’s a way to come together for an experience unlike any other! In this episode Joe and Brandon talk with Rich and Alise Chaffins, organizers of Beer and Hymns in Morgantown, WV, about how and why these gatherings are so meaningful for spiritual exiles of all sorts.

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