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Juneteenth for All: A month of Intersections

[T]here are those who not only are overlooked by the societal systems because of their race, sexuality or gender, but also for their disability…intellectual, physical, emotional, etc. The intersections of these social assumptions, expectations, and cultures creates a world in which disabled queer folks are pushed past the edges because “We just can’t make those accommodations for you…”

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Season 2 Episode 16: Isaac Simmons on Drag Church

Our Pride Month celebration continues with a fascinating interview with Isaac Simmons, whose drag persona, Ms. Penny Cost, is bringing an unexpected encounter with the divine to LGBTQ folks and allies across the country. In this episode Isaac talks to Joe and Brandon about how the art form of drag can reclaim religious language within queer spaces and how he’s able to redirect negative criticism into life-giving experiences of grace.

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