Podcast Episode 4: The prison of our expectations

Sometimes our expectations can cloud our view of reality. On this episode of the podcast, Joe uses a creative interpretation of a story about Jesus and John the Baptist to talk about how we can be imprisoned by our expectations and how deconstruction and reconstruction can help us see reality more clearly.

One comment

  • I loved this Joe!!! Dang… you are rocking it. The only question I was left with trying to listen from an inquiring mind but not one that knows much about this Jesus dude is “what did he expect of us?” and it made me think maybe you should do a series where you started with Sandhill – On the Mount! That would speak to the newbies and the seekers and still have enough meat for those off the bottle perhaps… just a thought! I am loving this! And add a link to this announcement with where it is we go donate $$ 😊


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