Podcast Episode 19: Wisdom

Is growing in wisdom more than simply gaining information? Have we traded experiential knowledge of the divine for spiritual formation programs that just give us more data? In this episode, Joe examines the devolution of much of American Christianity into a kind of folk superstition and talks about how a renewed quest for wisdom might change the game.

One comment

  • think therefore God exists… we would invent God if we didn’t have the faith of a Triune God! We have to have explanations for EVERYTHING that happened s which gave humankind a sense of control. Therefore, I think therefore God exists in our control narrative. That is vs Wisdom of Job … God is meeting with this Heavenly p01q 0l group and is challenged by Satan ..or hasatan.. to strip Job of everything and see if he stays loyal..God allowed that ….Job confronts God like we would think is sacreligious think He wants and is real! This whole idea that suffering isn’t the point. Wisdom is the point. The friends doing what we do: get him to cop a plea and presumes he did something. How often we do that!! Fact vs truth..so much food for thought.. To believe in theology vs the God of our theology..I never thought to separate that. This says so much to me of a situation I have been thru recently!!! Wisdom saying embracing the mystery of lack of complete knowledge .. didn’t we start that way in the garden? Have we evolved at all? Can we maybe now find peace thru wisdom?? Wow…


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