Another scale

Another scale fell today
I’ve lost track now of how many that makes
but every time it happens
I think it’s finally done
because the world
seems so much clearer
but then another scale falls
and I realize how little
I’m able to see

I remember before The Light
how I thought I was normal
and what I had
and what I was
and what I felt
was what everyone wanted

I mean why wouldn’t they?

It’s funny though
how every scale that falls
shows it for what it really is
a mask
a sham
a pretender pretending to be a god
showing off
by killing everything it’s not

When the first scales fell
it was like breathing for the first time
and some of them left easily
blowing away in a gentle breeze
a little

But some just came loose
and hung there
like those gutters
hanging off of buildings
after a storm
and when they finally dropped
it hurt like hell
and made me bleed a little
and the sting in my eye
felt like it would never go away

But every one
showed me more
of the wrongs of the world
of the evil in the church
of the power brokering in the name
of the almighty god that must be in charge
because he looked and talked
and hated

Just like me

So now
I just let them fall
and I thank each one
for going away

So I can see

Feature image by Monica Turlui on

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