Season 3 Episode 2: Brad Davis: From Pusher to Preacher

If the #hollergospel is about bringing people up from the low places in the world, Brad Davis knows it well because he’s been there. In this episode, Brad talks openly and frankly about his time as a drug dealer in the Southern West Virginia coalfields, the almost inescapable spiral of fear and hopelessness of the drug culture, and what motivates him to be part of the solution in a region that seems trapped in multiple layers of addiction.


  • Wow! There are so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind and heart after listing to this podcast. I’ve come to know Brad through the event he did for the Blair Centennial (The People’s Church: A Dissident Coalfield Worship Experience) and then his online book discussion group where we explored the theology behind Giardina’s “Storming Heaven.” I was so moved by his presence that I asked him to be a sensitivity reader for the novel I’ve just completed to make sure I handled the character of the pastor appropriately. Nice and neat, right? And now I see nothing is nice and neat. The depth of his life experience, the layers of his awakening, deconstruction, reconstruction. My world has just been shaken. It makes me realize I have not sufficiently explored the depth of some of my characters. Thank you for this amazing podcast. And thank you, Brad, for your courage to reveal and share.


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