Season 3 Episode 6: Is science the next religion? With Rev. Jim Norton

Is science the next religion? Retired United Methodist pastor Jim Norton thinks the answer is yes, and it can have a massive influence on the world of faith and spirituality. In this episode, Jim talks with Joe and Brandon about how discoveries in the realms of quantum physics dovetail with the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh to teach us how all things are both unified and eternal.

One comment

  • G’day Brandon and Joe,
    I just finished listening to our time together doing this interview, and appreciate very much your guidance and careful creativity in framing questions and issues to discuss. The tentative list of possible discussion topics beforehand was helpful in preparing. One observation that the session raised was my tendency to interrupt others when they’re speaking, and I apologize for that. Also, however, I’m glad to be made aware of it. Overall, your leadership left me feeling good about our conversation. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Okay, Brandon, when we are together in the present moment, “you’re my favorite!”

    Jim Norton


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